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Answer£ºReversing radar, also known as the parking assist system, or reversing the computer alert system. It is car parking or reversing the safety of assistive devices, ultrasonic sensors (commonly known as the probe), the controller and display (or buzzer), and other components. It is more intuitive to voice or show that inform the driver of the barrier around the situation, lifting the driver's parking, and start reversing vehicles around before and after the problems caused by the visit and help the driver to remove the dead ends and vision blurred vision Deficiencies and improve driving safety. Now the market reversing radar most of the ultrasonic ranging principle, driving in reverse, the vehicle will be pushed to the Shift R block to start reversing radar, under the control of the controller, installed in the rear bumper on the probe Send ultrasound, encounter obstacles, a signal, sensors after receiving the signal controller for data processing, thereby calculate the body and the distance between the obstructions, determine the location of obstructions, and then from display Show distance and issued warning signal, so that drivers will not hit obstacles when reversing. The whole process, drivers know they do not have to turn around the situation after the car, stopping and reversing it easier and more secure. Specifically, reversing radar for the working principle: First, the power and open, inverted block vehicles from entering, the detector automatically enter the host state of work, band is on display at the same time. Then, using special drill hole in the bumper, and detectors were put into holes. According to owners of the habit of reversing and parking, four probe detectors were installed in the car or the tail on both sides of the installation of two. Host detectors installed in the appropriate position, the display caught in the rearview mirror on the car, began to work properly.